13 Reasons Why I’m looking forward to JaDine in It’s Showtime 

(1) #TagalogMasterJames in Action – In the words of Ryan Bang, Hindi na ako and pinakabata (the unsaid being, at di na rin ako ang pinaka-bulol?)


(2) ABS CBN x Viva – There’s no business like show business. Both parties know why it’s a wise move (and JaDine did not disappoint S/O 555 TunaDine
(3) JaDine is back on TV and the TFC subscribers are please as punch 🤛

(4) Vice x James x Nadine in the same frame. Turns out that Naddie will be in the show more often.  It’s like ViceDine on weekdays then there’s JaDine on Saturdays. So far soooo good. Nadine’s hosting learning curve as ST host is on fleek and on point.

(5) Related to 2 and methinks this tweets says it all:<<<

Reasons down, 8 to go BRB 🐌🐌🐛


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