Googling Darna


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I have been looking forward to Erik Matti’s Darna. I also looked forward to watching Ms. Angel Locsin’s portrayal of Narda and/or Darna. Bilang kapamilya akoow her Darna serye was never in my radar. 

If ever this will be my first DARNA. The extended pre-prod delay has piqued my curiosity enough – such that na-google ko na ang DARNA several times. And yes, as an OTWOLISTA I totally get while DarNadine is an option for JaDine fans old and new. 

But this post is about the actors who portrayed DARNA thru the years. Imagine 1950 pala when Darna first appeared in Pilipino Komiks as in 1950! Fact check though D.C. Comics’ Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941. Let’s face it, minsan “golden lasso” na lang ang kulang #OOTD goals nga ba ni Darna si Wonder Woman? 

To be continued 


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