[Ali Alert] Steve Sneaked Up on 📺

Maybe i should call this post, how not to emphatize with Ali. Yes, Ali of Till I Met You. 

JC Santos in ASAP Chillout described Ali as “confused”. If I were besties with Basti and Iris, TBH, i’d be confused too. Seriously, why choose if you can have both ⁉️. But i digress. 

So Ali is confused and will continue to be sorta confused. Judging from JC Santos’ credentials and his portrayal in Single/Single… It’ll help if we buckle up, if they get things right beyond week 2) >> Ali who is confused will walk his viewers to a conflicted & complicated viewing experience. To a point where you’ll find yourself second guessing the value of a happy ending for Basti & Iris. 

INSERT working title, how not emphatize with Ali (the way Simon never 

  • #AliBastiIris 👬👫❣🇬🇷
  • Steve (JC Santos Single/Single) was the third party to Joey (Matteo G) and Joee (Shaina). He was supposed to be S2’s isa sa mga maraming hadlang why Joey & Joee will never be a thing. 
  • So i watched him like a disinterested party – going thru the motions while waiting for that ep where and when Joee ditches him.
  • Steve was sorta underwritten or was Steve hastily written off because JC signed up for TIMY? I dunno. 
  • I can’t even believe that Joee allows him to spend the night at her place for a “nightcap”. 
  • C’mon Joey circa S1 and if I’m not mistaken despite the shared apartment was off limits. Think no MOMOL policy of Clark & Leah. 
  • I was about to turn off the player when, voila! 

  • Fine, now i get it Joee – totally! Nightcap pa more. 
  • Sorta underwritten or not and beyond the morning after, post shower scene, tumatak ang break up scene nina Steve & Joey in a sneaky way.
  • As they say, There are no small parts only small actors.

  • Watch Single/Single 2, episodes 4&5 and you’ll understand. Eh sa mahusay na actor si JC eh. 
  • Don’t miss the break up scene with footsie 😜😚💐 foot massage rather. 

After that, you’ll understand why I wanna call this post, how not to emphatize with Ali 😚😋😊😍🤔. 


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