TV Guide: Ten Commandments for OTWOLISTAs who are about to watch Till I Met You

Husay⁉️ From PRIMETIME Bida to Dreamscape Bida⁉️❣ Dreamscape conquers primetime TV in the Philippines! From FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano, the up and coming Till I Met You and Born For You, amazing ain’t it⁉️ 

As an OTWOLISTA all set for the new JaDine + Jadaone methinks this list will be helpful to 1) temper my expectations 2) allow myself to be surprised 3) be ready with option B >> Descendants of the Sun. 
Dear Otwolista in me, 

Be glad that this formidable combo is back. OTWOL however as a gamechanging teleserye is a TOUGH ACT to follow. For a telly junky who  likes to give the series Premieres a chance  – and despite the promising teasers… BEWARE – enjoy the show BUT proceed with caution: 

  • 📺 Note to self, it’s not OTWOL. Thou shall NOT compare TIMY to OTWOL. 
  • 📺 THOU SHALL not look for Leah and Clark in Basti and Iris.
  • 📺THOU SHALL  not expect the oh so palpaple sexual tension between James and Nadine as Clark and Leah. I don’t know if the guys get a room tension will still transcend the medium the way it did in OTWOL but…
  • 📺 THOU shall trust* in Jadaone’s (and Ranoy’s) capacity to pull out the threesome  tension between and amongst Iris+Basti+Ali 👫👬👫👬 out of James, Nadine and JC.
  • 📺  JaDine values (yes singular, JaDine is a UNIT or dapat ba plural form? ) their craft. Let Iris and Basti grow in them as actors as you pull out of your attachment to CLeah.
  • 📺 Thou shall Google Descendants of the Sun – you need a back up plan 😇🌞😆; OTWOL reruns OR good old Wizard’s of Waverly Place 😆
  • 📺 Thou shall entertain SPG AU fanfic possibilities. Be open, #LoveWins. MTRCB may not allow Basti&Ali kissing – but remember when you had to explain to  “Eiffel Tower” to ate and titas, no thanks to Scandal 😎🤔🗼
  • THOU SHALL Let TIMY unfold… give it a chance see if it grows in you the way organic (non-fan) convos about OTWOL crept into your viber, iMesssge and fb thread. Check telegram too 📲
  • Home or abroad THOU SHALL watch from legit sites ONLY IwantTV and TFC.
  • 📺 THOU SHALL NOT let bashers OR kapusos get to you. TIMY  is NOT My Husband’s Lover. Which reminds me MHL is the only Kapuso teleserye I sorta watched for the cause #LoveWins. 

*Yes even if it felt like watching All You Need is Pag-Ibig was a mistake thinking that it will be as amazing as That  Thing Called Tadhana. 


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