[Review] Dolce Amore Last 10 Days

Episode Hashtag: #DolceAmorePaFall



T’was oh so wrong of me to assume that the powers that be behind Dolce Amore has used up all the trick hidden in the Pinoy teseryes bag/maleta/hat of tricks (and cliches). Voila! Big reveal of the night >>

Luciana has a son and his name is Quenito – Simon! ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Š


SerTen: Love is lovelier the 3rd time around (ano pa nga ba?). The episode dedicated 101 scene that continue to force SerTen awkward + kilig + oh please you two fake sexual tension now na scenes.

Suffice to say, according to my mom, our kasambahay back home totally enjoyed the scene).  I she were on twitter I am sure she’d RT this tweet:

They may have pushed this one a tad too far

No to body shaming here. Indeed #BuhaySerye in the Philippines is not healthy at all. The long work hours and the stuff you do to get going. But must you insist on a scene where your main lead actor is exposed in a scene with a bulge. Kilig tweets coming up — example of which is…

In the end though, this actor who can deffo act better than the dudes of Encantadia can use more tight shots parang ganito lang po direk:

Dolce Amore last two weeks! JaDine diehards are all agog over Till I Met You pre-production and the current shoot in Greece. Will the wider audience embrace Iris, Basti and Ali the way the cared for Clark and Leah? That remains to be seen #abangan.





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