[Review] Encantadia 

Week 2 and 3 and I’m still sorta watching. I have a lot of reservations but I am letting things unfold. I don’t like watching it via unofficial online channels but I don’t have any legit options ATM.

This scene took my breath away – yes the fire tree stole the show (or at least the scene).


Tropicale Philippines is evergreen. We miss the drama of fall foliage or the burst of excitement during springtime. Firetree’s back home are exceptions. I grew up admiring them (and golden showers). Kudo’s to the showrunner for bothering with this lovely drone shot (?). 


Twitterati       Twitterati          Twitterati

The SFX in general are still well made. And I hope they manage to keep up the promising work.

Some things however cannot be cure post-prod, nothing against the actor behind Pirena but sweetie, that #awkward moment when Inang Reyna Minea looks even seemingly younger than her first born. So this photo for instance

vs Minea’s img_4828

Viewers tweet their thoughts on “Why so bitter Sang’re Pirena?”

Gotta share this Encantadia meme



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