[Random Review] Encantadia 

#Week1 #Encandatia

This beutiful scene was shot in the Philippines, not Greece. ‘Till I Met You will be in part shot in Greece though 🇬🇷😎.

I’ll skip the recap  but if you need one try this:

Back to Encantadia, Mark Reyes‘ opening is #madeofwin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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I get it that Team Encantadia to pay homage to their fave series and production. This scene though 🐍🐍🐍 eerily reminded me of “he who must not be named” – Voldermort 🐍🐍. Next time, pwedeng Pinoy snake naman like sawa 😉🐍



GMA network’s de facto King & Queen, back on primetime TV. Sure AlDub made a huge impact for GMA’s income last year. Gotta give credit for longevity and I authenticity though – #DongYan as Raquim and Minea 💎💎💖👍 . AlDub, with all due respect marami pa kayong bigas na kakainin.



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GOT feels… Imitation is the highest form of flattery and there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to GOT. Encantadia’s map alone says it all. 🎇✨😉

The feels ❤💙💎👍👍 I was not  able to grad a frame or two out of the fight scene but that alone is a testament to GMA’s big gamble. Dailypedia article outlined gaano kamahal ang Encandatia (and worth it I dare say).  
Repost from Dailypedia 🎥🎥 

‘We’re double the size or triple the size of a regular show. The scope is big; you saw the pilot,” said Reyes.

Because of the enormous cost, GMA Network had no choice but to cancel the two local telenovelas and replace it with Koreanovelas.

While its pilot episode fared well in the ratings, beating its rival FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, it didn’t last long as it lost to the Kapamilya teleserye the next day. Encantadia was trumped by FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano for the rest of its pilot week, hurting GMA Network’s goal to bring back its glory days in primetime programming.

I am blindly Kapamilya to a fault. The only GMA teleserye na sinubaybayan ko ay My Husband’s Lover because of the theme. In fairness to me ha, I even hosted viewing parties for that one. Kaya to be honest, ang unang reaction ko when I watched the pilot of Encantadia ay, “Wow, parang hindi GMA” – and please take it as a compliment.

Is this FPJAngProbinsiya vs Encantadia, well I guess ratings wise yes. And I totally get it why Coco Martin is King of Primetime. In the interest of Philippine TV’s growth though – sana magtagal ang Encantadia. Otherwise, primetime teleserye’s will boil down to Dreamscape vs Star Magic (the latter I’m afraid is dangerously losing its magic).





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