[Recap] Born for You #BFYVacation

The week where Sam Reyes-Kazuko (Janella Salvador) was Kevin’s (Elmo Magalona) princess for a week.


Here I go again, slowly rooting for the assigned sorta kinda puppy lovish 3rd party. That reaction shot though, priceless. To be honest more expressive than most of Kevin’s reaction shots. Clearly I am not just the one who’s beginning to notice Allan.

Born for You almost lost me as a viewer with aping-aping RM arc. Hindi ko talaga kinaya ang Mall Show in Batangas scenes – thankful for FW options.  The ‘Princess for a Week’ is somehow working though – fine!

I’m getting there – now I am truly beginning to totally dig why Janella Salvador moved up from daytime soaps to primetime TV. Janella Salvador’s Sam and not Elmo Magalona’s Kevin is single handedly making SamVin happen.

Kainis sa Marge ha and Ayen-Munji Laurel is effective that way. Versus say Ariel Rivera’s Mike – hay ikaw na ang tinalikuran ang banda mo, sorta pushover for a ex-hubby pa. As it is, Marge and Cathy will fight over you pa. Moments like there I miss Ian Veneracion’s Eduardo.  Might be too early to tell but in the case talaga of Keven and Mike’s roles I hope their characters and portrayals pick up sooner than later. I don’t know what makes the other weak their characters as written or performance nila baka naman combined.

Ayan tuloy, inspiring girl power from Sam 😁 Cathy 😍 to Marge 😄  pero Mike and Kevin to me are like 😎😖

Pero as I was about to doze off (the 3rd time around – #bfyvacation was my afterparty 😋, I miss Manila pampatulog) – that which could have been a generic pilit pampakilig bus biglang preno scene. Yes that one – oddly enough haha kinilig ako ‘dun. That’s it – I’m in – can’t wait. Is it Friday yet?  Will I get to a point kung saan aaraw-arawin ko ang Born For You? Maybe, maybe not but I hope it does well ratings wise too (#beyondKantar).



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