[Review] Dolce Amore #DolceAmoreByeBinggoy

Posting my random thoughts on this episode. I noticed an increase number of Dolce Amore views and searches in my blog the week Kuya Binggoy died. TBH, I stopped watching Dolce Amore na, but for the sake of this post, I watched the ep.

TBH, this episode makes what used to be “exclusive” IG official – just kidding.

In the world of teleseryes though, that’s it, Dolce Amore is officially running out of stunts to pull off out of the golden teleserye bag of tricks.

  • Rich girl falls for a poor guy – check
  •  Amnesia – check
  • Kidnapping – check
  • Death in the Family – it should have known that it was just a matter of time

Let us however give credit where credit is due. The production bothered to spend for a jeep that will hill pretending to be a deadly cliff.

They addressed that bit by hurting Kuya Binggoy further – I don’t even know what part of the jeep that was but to ensured dramatic death. Dramatic enough that someone posted a video of her reaction to Kuya Binggoy’s gut level kakaiyak scene. She’s like totally gutted, watch:


If only for that, cheers to Kean Cipriano, #DolceAmoreByeBinggoy.

To me the scene between this couple who loves to “stretch” wins!

I can’t say the same for the extended eulogies and for Gian Carlo’s character (under)development. In sum my reaction is best captured by the tweet below:

LizQuen diehards are still holding onto the show. Aside from appreciating Ten ten though, mukhang may pinanghuhugutan ang post ni Ateh. Pabehbeh ba kamo? Da hu?




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