KathNiel Status: Eksklusib but

They said this years agos and they said it again. Exclusive – whatever that means – with PDA feels in between in the eyes of KN fans.

What to make of it though? Status wise sabi na ngang they are Eksklusib eh. Get it?! Ekslusib But they are not Instagram Official. And yes it’s a status in itself. And much to KN fans disappointment, their LT is not just there yet.  If it’s any consolation, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are technically not Instragram Official yet. Does that make them less of a couple? Of course not. Let’s just say that LoKi are holding their SocMed debut until further notice.  What’s the world standard to IG official?  Brooklyn Beckhama and Chloe Moretz are sooooo IG official, red carpet official, and just official official. I have a Ph based couple in mind too but totally not naming them here. Feed goals anyone?

This one ❤️

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Daniel does not owe their adoring public anything. It is what it is and the many things that perhaps it’s not or will never be. You see this good son and for a “teen king” is SocMed shy.  He tries with resistance and for a reason.  My random thoughts on it:

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Shipping you both outta have been easy. But I was soo into Jelena when you peaked. Then CharDawn of Walang Hanggan stole the limelight. I gave your version of Pangako Sa’Yo a chance but no! Televiewers got kilig for Amor and Eduardo.

At this day and age, KathNiel deserves credit for “longevity”. Jelena has come and gone and in fairness to you both you are still “eksklusib”.

KN Barcelona

DJP despite being active in twitter is SocMed shy. For a millenial, he might as well be diagnosed with an allergy to IG. I think the audio scandal (plus attempts to hack into his accounts) attributed to this “shyness”.  The audio scandal practically emasculated him. To be villified over a totally private boy talk. Kasalanan bang kiligin ang tumbong? Eh sa kakakilig nga eh.

I felt “so bad” for the KathNiel over the “kinilig ang tumbong ko” issue. Poor kids to be soo young yet oh so scrutinized. If you google Padilla brothers (DJ’s titos and dad) – you’ll find that they were involved in many a varied issues when they were DJs age. As in a quick scan of throwback news & controversies and you’ll develop a greater appreciation to this generation’s Padilla vis a vis his Titos.

KathNiel endured and survived the “kinilig ang tumbong ko” issue. I still think that the “friend” who posted it is a lowlife ##%hole. DJ’s Teen King SocMed persona however never fully recovered.

My wish for KathNiel the brand and as ekslusib whatever:  Privately or openly (as long as in your own terms) – may you both (together or separately) feel it in your fingers, feel it in your toes and yes your tumbongs and in between – that love is all around you and so the feeling grows… All the best! ❤❤❤💓💙💙💙

Fall madly in love… Eksklusibly or secretly with other or otherwise. #LoveisLove  


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