[REVIEW] The Story of Us #TSOUTiCoy

SPOILER ALERT: Twisted #TSOUTheEndofStory plot twists (twisted na nga eh)

(1) Dream scenario, TiCoy as it turns out are still in New York, watching the hit broadway show Hamilton (but Tin dozed off – thus the extended dream sequences).

(2) CJ will kidnap Tin – after all it’s not a Pinoy teleserye withough a kidnapping scene right. Imagine 5 small boats chasing each other, kidnapper/lover CJ keeps the lead – then boom! Iceberg! Jack to Rose: Come back, come back!

(3) Tin drowns, 5 minutes of dramatic highlight for CJ. Fast forward to 5 years after and voila – Lucia and Macoy in New York with kidssssss!

(4) TiCoy is end game because… Aling Taling likes it that way.

One of the most memorable (and beutifully framed) scenes in the Teleserya. It was the day Tin said yes to Macoy and with great he announced it with such joy saying, “kami na ni Tin Manalo!!!.”
I didn’t see the finale coming, at least not this soon.  I can’t even tell if CharDawn’s You’re My Home had a longer shelf life than TSOU.  

Tin (Kim Chui) and Macoy (Xian Lim) are back in El Nido. She’s no longer with CJ (Charo Santos’s nephew) and Macoy’s with Lucia (Shaina Magdayao). Don’t ask me how Tin ended up marrying CJ – I missed those eps. And I didn’t bother to find out why. As I was sayin’

  • 👍🏽 they  sorta tried to up the ante by casting a more prominent actress as Lucia. Shaina Magdayao,  the lead in the promising totally millennial series Single|Single.
  • Alas! CJ (and as ex-husband) and Lucia (super bagong girlfriend, like 2-3 eps back new) – will still figure prominently in the teleserye finale.
  • What then? Will TiCoy live happily ever after?

This is not ElNido at all… let us pretend though that they are somewhere in one of the small islands of ElNido.

Things that I sorta missed:

  • Ticoy’s tan (did he start using Papaya soaps?)
  • mmm I think that’s it haha


As the cliche goes, some good things never last. In the case of TSOU despite the good intentions, this teleserye’s simply not gonna be beyond “Season 1.” Why? I can’t speak for Ph tv’s imaginary audience Aling Taleng, as a viewer much as I wanted KimXi to succeed here – one night I just figured it out – I’m stuck. The #OTWOLSEPANXForever bug bit me.  As a viewer I think I hit the crossroads.  It was a choice between sliding back to mindless Pinoytelly viewing or turning on the hate-watching habits OR waiting for the next teleserye (Born for You?) that will draw me in.  

Will the next JaDine teleserye cure the bug? Not necessarily. In the meantime, back to my suking US produced series. 


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