[REVIEW] Dolce Amore 


Friday night served as the big reveal night. To be honest I barely watch this show anymore. As a viewer  I just didn’t get there. I can’t emphatize with Serena Marquesa’s trouble. I can’t cheer for Ten ten either. 

Despite the melodrama though and kilometric lines – i have to give credit where credit is due. SerTen’s LizQuen CAN act. I would even dare say that they have the most promising acting chops amongts the love teams nowadays. This coming from an OTWOLISTA. 

If only Serena & Tenten’s character development were a little more believable- sigh! Hindi po talaga eh. But for Monday’s ep I am totally loving, Liza Soberano’s italian boots:

lovely actor, lovely italian boots! Serena is a Marquesa that way.

Big 👍🏽👍🏽 to this scene and how it was nicely framed. No smiles and all silent tears for the camera though: 

Fade up: Dolce Amore theme… Your love is like the sun


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