[REVIEW] of a review Just the 3 of Us vs This Time


300M vs 301M? If only Pinoy movies can really make that much on a regular basis… if only 

Technically wala akong karapatang i-review or i-compare Just the 3 of Us vs This Time. I opted not to watch the former. Eh makulit ako and in the interest of simply comparing two Pinoy films that were pitted against each other in Ph last 4 May, here we go.

My friend back home watched both and her honest answer: Mas maganda ang Just the 3 of Us. She’s a Pinoy movie enthusiast. JLC movies ba kamo? Check, check, check through the years. And! She also honestly (to my surprise) enjoyed JaDine’s wattpad inspired chick flicks like Diary ng Panget & Talk Back and You’re Dead.

Her advice: Watch both movies is you can make time for both or have access to both. Locally produced movies no matter how good or bad are still worthy of our support. Outside Ph though JT3oU was shown first. This time got an extended run in Canada (and based on IG posts the other screenings elsewhere were well received by Pinoy fans too).

But here’s another attempt to compare the movies. Methodology (me ganun?):  I will reread the movie reviews of Mr. Rito Asilo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I’m not sure if he identifies himself as a movie critic, but I’ve always found his reviews helpful. It allows me to let my guard down and not to expect too much. Fair warning kumbaga. Wala kaseng rottentomatoes sa ‘Pinas eh, rottenKamatis anyone?

Category Just the Three of Us This Time
Order of appearance He watched or at least posted/published the review of Just the 3 of Us;


Not surprising there, even the writer of This Time felt that they were pitted against China vs WPS when they learned that Star Cinema moved the screening to May 4.


I also referred to This Time as the underdog in this contest.


Review published a week after JT3OU.



Shares on facebook (based on Inquirer, yes! I think it’s a valid category) 17 shares



Overall impact (key words and the unsaid) Key words based on the review:




“It chooses to focus more on selling the sizzle more than the narrative steak it looks fun and glossy, but it doesn’t really come up with the insightful lessons about parenthood it promises to impart.

Sure, it has the rom-com formula down pat, but it doesn’t have much to show, other than its pa-kilig contrivances.

Having said that, the film is still viewable, not so much for the labored chemistry that eventually grows on viewers due to its hard-working leads, but because of John Lloyd’s perfectly calibrated portrayal and Jennylyn’s winsome star turn. READ MORE

Review’s headline sums it all up


“JaDine’s This Time, Win some, lose some”


I like his, it soars and sinks… description on the overall rhythm of the movie.


The movie soars and sinks—and its fan-pandering kilig and kwela thrills are more episodic than cohesive.

But, when the jokes hit their mark, they’re laugh-out-loud funny—especially those involving Ava’s ubiquitous family (Al Tantay, Yam Concepcion and Candy Pangilinan, who’s adorable—for a change) and their running gag about the couple’s “special” relationship.


As usual, James and Nadine are appropriately cast, but their straightforward roles don’t really require a lot of thespic stretching. So, you’ll still see Nadine being predictably self-effacing or perpetually problematic, or James looking sensitive and dreamy—but  perhaps that’s enough for their fans, for now. [Read more]






Box Officer Performance 16M first day padded or not? What do you guys think? JLC movies are measured differently, in a way it too is a question of – mas kumita ba ito than Popoy&Basha and/or his movie with Sarah? 15 M on the first day with loads of block screenings (for the pans and pordalab)


Low key daw ang Viva in other words yes it sorta hit the 100M mark but iwas BIR kami???

How to Watch This Time: Following that review and having seen it once now I understand when fans say it’s the best JaDine movie yet. There’s truth to that I reckon. The unsaid being – oo naman compared to Para sa Hopeless Romantic and the like, level up talaga ang This Time. Kelan, pray tell nag-shoot outside Pinas ang Viva?

He said it right, it’s for the fans, OTWOLISTAs beware. Sure Coby and Ava are cute & endearing, but a part of you will end up missing Clark and Leah a little more. Which reminds me #OTWOLSepAnxForever trended in Ph a few nighs back.









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