Team CarGlen – FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano

My search for a post-OTWOL ship has lead me to this. By this I mean, the oh sooo slow burn and protracted battle for  Cardo (Coco Martin) and Glen (Maja Salvador) – to get together. 

Thanks to Jerome (John Pratts) it seems that “Ang Probinsiyano” will now explore #CarGlen further. Antagal na kaya gusto magka-nanay ni Onyok. But no! At antagal na ring hindi pansin ni Cardo si Glen – feelings wise. 

Next week, they’ll be working on a case or an attempt to bring down a pasagulan will up the ante for the Jerome vs Cardo 💙 Glen. 

My assignment: look up all things #CarGlen. Should I SOCO #cocojam (fans shipping Coco & Maja) too? 

Be it potentially real or all reel,  cheers and hat offs to these actors. They portray tension between CARGLEN very well. Both naman are respected actors – perhaps even one of the best in their generation. Kaya its good to see them  breath life to Cardo and Glen’s will they or won’t they dance. Nuanced tension and thanks to Maja we can totally get her frustration and desire to move on (kaya nagpapaligaw na kay Jerome). 

Will I start watching this show regularly? Maybe, maybe not⁉️ If the #CarGlen arc picks up, why not!? 


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