[Recap] Dolce Amore The Song

Philippine Airing Date: 06 May 2016

Episode Title/Hashtag: #DolceAmoreTheSong

Recap: Meet up between Serena (Liza Soberano) and her younger biological sister, Angela (Sue Ramirez).   Yes, Angela is the same girl who happens to be the the sorta girlfriend of a reluctant boyfriend in the person of TenTen (Enrique Gil).  Tenten of the doomed SerTen, Serena’s ex-boyfriend. Younger sister convinced reluctact with an amnesia sister to slowly let them in . Serena agreed to spend a little more time with. Angela bring her to a pub, well more place I don’t exactly know who to locate it where Angela performs regularly. Sister sings a song written by Tenten. The Song, triggered certain SerTen memories in Serena.

Tadah! Fearless forecast, Serena will soon regain her memory. And by soon I mean, perhaps next week?

Screen grab from IWantTV, ctto and thanks to @lizquenlove. Aside from the extended sister reunion, TenTen surprised his parents wiht a farm lot in this episode. 


#TheSong triggered tender SerTen karaoke moments in Serena’s memory. She even found herself humming the song as her sister performed. Fade up: Maala ala mo kaya, ang sumpa mo sa akin – ready sing!


Random Fan RXN

They who can’t wait for that happy SerTen moment.


Don’s ask me if all tweets are organic, but yeah…

My default question when following this series, is this veteran journalist still tweeting about it? Not ATM, real life telesery called, 2016 Philippine Elections: When the Circus Came to Town is winding down.




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