[Review] (well sorta) Just the 3 of Us vs This Time 


War between 2 commercial Pinoy produced movies. JLC quo vadis, despite two well acclaimed indie films this year – will mainstream projects mature with him too? Or is he going to be the next Vic Sotto?


Torn between two Pinoy kilig movies this weekend?  In the meantime lemme judge the movies not by its trailer or cover but by the OOTDs of the stars. [Saving my thoughts (or lack of it) about the movies before the 2016 elections].

This Time ❤️

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  •  shades of gray between John Lloyd Cruz and James Reid
  •  c0lors of summer for Jennylyn and Nadine

JLC vs James Reid

Once upon a time (and thanks to google search) John Lloyd Cruz dated a stylist – and judging from his OOTD last Wednesday, it looks like he learned a thing or two from her. I’m guessing that his glam team sytled his OOTD. The fact he got away with it (with a swagger to boot) is his and his alone.

James Reid, safe. Clark’s tuxedo wins over the suit (am I making such an unfair comparison)? I think in terms of his OOTD he showed up to be an escort to his muse. And he dressed that part. JaDine is more than the hottest love team that way. Their totally in sync OOTD gives that “power couple” vibe and they are out there as a brand to #SLAY.

VERDICT: This Time vs Just the 3 of Us OOTD wars male edition: JLC and cheers to all men who are cool with “PINK”

READ: Cosmo.ph raving about Nadine Lustre’s red carpet dress.



Jennilyn Mercado vs Nadine Lustre

FHM Philippines’ sexiest (circa 2015) vs Leah Olivar. Reports even say that Jennylyn is the top contender for FHM’s sexiest race this year. For red carpet purposes of their respective movie premieres – Nadine Lustre trumps  Jennylyn Mercado. What made her ensemble work?

  • collab gown, she knew exactly what she wanted (and how to wear it)
  • gladiator boots peeking through a high slit evening dress
  • best accessory for the night: jewelry? not exactly, I say t’was her arm candy  😉😍 

Verdict: Overall impact – Nadine Lustre!

What to watch over the weekend then? JLC and Nadine prevailed over this totally random OOTD blog comparison. Watch both movies then? ?  Or will you decide based on Cinema Evaluation Board’s ratings? or A vs B? 

Update: Star Cinema claims that Just the 3 of US made 16 Million on the first day. While This Time only made 15 Million. I like going for the underdog – y’all please watch This Time first (#insolidarity).





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