[REVIEW] The Story of Us #TSOUHubad 

RomCom feels from the actors who managed to pull off “Bride for Rent”.

I didn’t see this scene coming but I am glad they got away with it  – not “pilit” at all. They managed to make it work (sure Makoy’s toned bod helped).

Screengrab from #TSOUHubad ABS CBN

Their reactions were supposed to be predictable and as a viewer I should not have been amused but I still found myself smiling as the scene unfolded. I can’t help but recall the awkwardly staged love scene in Manila. Why of all places will you pop Tin’s cherry on the rooftop – makeshift bedroom in a soiled (?) mattress?
Tin’s turn to cover her eyes . Screen grab from TSOUHugot, ABS CBN.
  Is he working in a Filipino store? It looks like it.

 The joys of legit shoots in NYC to boot! Swerte naman ng salon workers/painters freshly baked Pizza from L’asso ang merienda.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. Tikoy (guilty as charged I still don’t know how to spell Macoy or Makoy!?, but y’all get the drift ☺️). As I was saying, TiKoy shippers are NOT happy with Tin dating CJ. Looks like they won’t drag this phase though and they’ll continue to give KimXi/TiKoy shippers bits of kilig moments for the build up. And if only for that, non-shipping viewers like me will keep coming back.


TSOU’s soundtrack rocks! 


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