[Review] #DolceAmoreTheBigMoves

Kidnapping scene at this stage of Dolce Amore?!  For a bit akala ko I clicked on FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano? Then I asked again, finale na ng Dolce Amore? Should I brace myself for Pangako Sa’yo’s epic cement mixer??  Sigh! Buti naman hindi it didn’t get there. For a casual viewer like me, i’d say that this episode  I don’t share @buyuharea’s thoughts on the episode:

If the tweet hated it, I think this is the episode that will make me watch Dolce Amore a little more often. The Twist thought ❣  Va Bene ❣

Kaya nga sa huli ang tanong, y tu Binggoy?  Pero Friday night pa lang yes before the big reveal last Monday, may mga nakahula na (it was sorta predictable in that aspect that way):

Si Lucianoa nga ba? WhuDunnIt?


Friday night’s episode ended so strongly for me, kaya I ended up looking forward to the next following episode. In sum and for they who followed forevermore it looks like, they have seen this relationship conflict before:

Much needed twist to move the story forward, but they lost me as soon as Serena and Tenten’s scenes became a tad too melodramatic. I have nothing against Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano’s acting. But i dunno instead of listening to Serena’s pained speech, I found myself informally timing their scenes.

Ang galing ni Liza, pero bakit ganun hirap pa rin akong makasimpatiya kay Serena? Baka di lang talaga ako sucker for “princess themed” teleseryes. Marquesa!

Confrontation scene habang naka-upo pa si Serena, and the car chase scene – talaga  lang ha may oras pa rin silang mag-sumbatan? Kalurks! And as written – hindi na kapanipaniwala.

Fine they have to stretch sequences kase they are preparing for a long on location shoot. Siguro kinailangang mag-ipon?  Isa pa itong, help us, help us scene na ito… True to form syemps as a scene beautifully framed pero I can’t just buy into the car chase fiction.

So overall and to sum up that viewing experience, I checked twitter to find out if non-Lizquen fans are still watching or tweeting about it. Oo naman! I’ll still keep follow it casually but I had to check again, what about veteran journalist Lynda Jumilla and veteran broadcaster Teddy Boy Locsin, are they still watching?  At least for that episode not so – between signing up to Dolce Amore world versus Pinoy Election Fever, the latter prevails.




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