[Recap] JaDine Flying High on Love #LoveisRomance 🗼

There is such a thing as Pari shōkōgun or Paris syndrome. It is a severe form of culture shock. Defined as atransient psychological disorder exhibited by some individuals when visiting or vacationing in a place drastically foreign from their own. 

Clearly, JaDine DID NOT go thru Paris shōkōgun at all. If anything or at least judging from High On Love: Love is Romance episode, the 2nd installment of their 4- part travelogue. Paris 🗼 met their expectations – perhaps even exceeding it. 

I have friends who hitch hiked their way to Paris & yes I am glad it’s practically a train ride away from Uni. I therefore conclude how wonderful life is if and when Paris & romance is thus just a train ride away 🚅🚄🚝. Well maybe or maybe not⁉️

Picking up from and paraphrasing the singer behind Randomantic and his reflections on Paris and romance – romance is most of all about the little things too (indeed!). 

🗼 Cheers and double check ✔️✔️  to the opportunity of being able to “explore each other romantically in Paris” –  all lovers in the world outta be given their versions of their own Paris getaway. 


🗼 Thanks James and Nadine for sharing some parts of it to OTWOLISTAs like me, JaDine fans and the wider Pinoy audience (while making $£€ thru that generosity). 

 🗼 kudos to Dreamscape and ABS for capturing it beautifully without being intrusive (read also as, heavily edited 😌🙃, and rightly so). 


Top 📺 moments in Paris:

1) Surprise Brekky @Medici Fountain: She was truly surprised #kilig. He was happy he pulled it off #kiligkilig. And viewers who got a glimpse of that sweet surprise at Jardin du Luxumborg (Medici Fountain), felt kilig that they were kilig. 

2) Belgium: Glad to note that they briefly acknowledged the terror  that happened in Belgium the day they arrived in Paris. It did not dampen their yay! You better believe it we are in Paris and ILOVEYOU❣ feels. 


Reference to the terror attack in Belgium: 

3) Kapamilyas and OTWOLISTAs in Paris who succeeded in “stalking JaDine” – Oiu Photo ops, push! Achieve! More photo ops and off they go. Everybody happy.



4) JaDIne dynamics for their Love lock 🔑🗝 It gave us a glimpse of their couple dynamic. Hawak ni Hayme ang padlock pero si Ateh was in command. Nadine to James: “No! No! Not there or there… ” Sounds like a good compromise and gender role allocation 💏 So sweet, indeed when partners in crime turn into lovers.  


 5) From desert to balmy Paris & Nadine acclimatizing: Cute how they complained about the weather. Ginaw na ginaw sa river cruise eh I was line mmmm #rivercruisepamore ☃⛄️❄️ and natural from Manila to the desert 🐪🐫 to Paris (during “springtime” gone awry). Gotta stop or I’ll end up blogging about the weather. 

Good balance of JaDibe PDA and ABS self regulating censorship. So a a crew followed a young couple in love on their first trip to Paris and the show succeeded in following them closely without being obtrusive❣

Close your eyes OTWOLISTA and imagine CLark and Leah on their honeymoon.


JaDine you’ve barely scratched the surface until your next Turk to Paris and rest of France. 

Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 4.5/5 stars for this episode.


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