[REVIEW] The Story of Us #TSOUGetOver 


This scene though, well framed with interesting stuff around them to give it that feel. A dozen eggs on top of a the microwave clearly not one of them. Can I just say I like OTWOL’s boxful of 500 ml bottled water. It is soooo SanFo (or at least it totally reminds me of California. Deadma na sa Goldilock’s cake next to Tin. Cheers to Tin’s outfit though (bravo to Kim Chiu’s glam team and stylist). Her hair is on point too. Now don’t get me started on Macoy’s beanie puhleez. Int scene kailangan talaga naka-beanie? 

Kim Chiu (Tin) the female lead star of The Story of Us even tweeted about the fact that aside from the official hashtag #TSOUGet Over, Justice for TiCoy (incidentally, sounds like a sweet dessert made of glutinous rice often associated with the Lunar New Year) – trended.

Tila humopia ang TiCoy (and KimXi) fans that things start improving for Tin and Macoy. But no! Isinama ni Tin ang kanyang boss/manliligaw sa totally Pinoy b-day celebaration. He was funny, good with kids, plus even willing to sing his heart out. After all a migrant Pinoy’s birthday party be it in NYC (?) or elsewhere will not be complete with out some singing.

The episode was sorta disappointing for TiCoy shippers. Enough of the pag-papacute Mr. CJ Lowery, really!? Stop being cute already?  Pero mukhang may punto naman si @_LittleRedShoe (take note it’s a pair, shoe lang):

At least facegram (yeah I am borrowing the social media app of OTWOL universe) friends na sina Tin at Macoy.  Hang on TiCoy shippers, I guess the waiting game is a lot like shipping KimXi. Hang on KimXi and TiCoy fans, sige kayo kapag nagkabalikan na sila, eh di #TSOUFinale.  I must give the episode to another story arc. The love triangle among, Teresa, Miguel (Eric Quizon) and  Gino. As noted by @titanell:

In fairness to Mr. Eric Quizon, he could have opted to wear a loose anorak or sweatshrt. But Dadbods are in and he is unafraid to show it! Pak! Love the details, framed painting, fire extinguisher, the non-Pinay looking nurse. Makati Med feels in NYC!? Sutter Makati edition is that you?


It took the birth of his former lover’s baby boy and the sight of his beloved gushing over his son for Gino to realize that Miguel has turned a page. Dito nagsimulang matanggap ni Gino na nagmahalan man sila, ay mukhang tapos na tapos na nga sila – for that! #TSOUGetOver (and move on ever) na nga hopefully ang mga characters na ito pagdating sa conflict na ito.

Kudos to the actors, the viewers took note of your perfomance. I noticed a few kinks pero this post by my standards is long enough – so dead ma na. Ending this review with this well-framed shot though. End of review (less I end up nitpicking about the only in teleseryes labour drama)

For somebody who is in her last term of pregnany, ikaw na Teresa and naka-boots that are oh so safe for preggos talaga! Charaught lang, nice get up though.




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