[Review] The Story of Us #TSOUTransform

Judging from the tweets – it was a difficult to swallow break up scene. She pushed him to the wall. Did losing Darwin push her to the edge. Or migrating – a life in NYC can just really change a person so drastically.

Tin knew that Macoy’s chances are very slim. He never stood a chance – but I guess for purposes of driving the story of us — here they are. I won’t even compare it to the “stress” Clark and Leah’s break up brought upon it’s audience. And yes, I have made peace with the fact that my #OTWOLHangover is here to stay.

Going back to Ticoy, I reckon that this is a strong tweet from a viewer:



Kudo’s to Xian Lim (Ticoy), they think you did well enough to capture Macoy’s desperation and frustration for a visa.  

For a late night teleserye, their ratings performance from “traditional” telly viewers ain’t bad at all:


I like the fact that Tin is a hairstylist. I honestly think that her character will make it big in the BIG APPLE. Looking for a good stylist is not easy outside Philippines. She’ll totally do very well. Allow me to end this quick tweet review by celebrating Tin’s #OOTD (kerching kerching):



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