[REVIEW] Dolce Amore


I know Dolce Amore is a LizQuen  teleserye. I am barely hooked and yes I recognize that Quen can act (by free tv standards). I know that I am watching TenTen and not the birthday boy (Enrique Gil). I hate to admit this though -but now I ask – why as a viewer am I beginning to root for Gian Carlo de Luca (Matteo Guidicelli). No, I am not a popster & I have not watched Matteo in any series prior to this.

Blamin’ the following at the moment:

  • That they can pronounce Gian Carlo the Italian way
  • The accent is totally adorable
  • Why can’t he get lucky and be in love with your bestfriend and be loved in return.
  • James Reid and Nadine Lustre started as best friends (in denial of the sexual tension) for a long time (ever wondered where OTWOL writers got inspiration i.e. taguan ng feelings) – but I digress, let’s go back to Gian Carlo
  • Timon’s lisp/speech defect is back (bummer)

A team Lizquen viewers asks

Mmmm, how about – because! (see above) 😉 Note to my tellyjunkie self, when watching Dolce Amore, proceed with caution – Gian Carlo is bound to get hurt. Serena will fall for Timon and they’ll live happily ever after (zzzzz zzzz zzz).






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