[REVIEW] The Story of Us – Fallout 

Quick recap: The distance is taking its toll, complicated further by his and her frustrations. Main point of contention: non-approval of his US Visa application. In real life terms naman! Age – ✔️; Status – single ✔️; Income (or lack of it) – ✔️. All that add up to – NO LUCK, NO VISA.

But no! There’s more: Antoinette the former high school classmate now Makoy’s colleague; DARWIN’s health issues – basta critical condition, like nag-50-50.

The little things that matter to the global Pinoy #relatable be it to a paying TFC subscriber or a someone who watches it using unaothirized tvblogs 🤓😉

How to fill your balikbayan box with love and canned goods. Here Tin’s friend warned her against long delivery delays no thanks to Philippine customs inspections (and issues that hounded it in 2015).

Baka expired na ito, pagdating sa inyo… Goodbye SPAM 🎁

I’ve noticed several inconsistencies, well to be honest a lot but dead ma na muna. Can I just mention one, before appreciating the frame below?

👎🏽👐🏼 – Zsa zsa’s NYC house. Parang ‘di sync ang establishing shots at interior shots. Exterior ng bahay ni Mommy Tin street level ang front door, pero pag interior at nagbubukas ang pinto – nagiging hallway with staircase.

Beautiful sunny day in NYC? Not nitpicking on the scene and can I  just say that I like Tin’s brown jacket (it looks warm).  Glad to note that she avoided a fight over the phone with Makoy here though. Saving the big breakup fight for later episodes? #abangan!

The inevitable however is coming. Long distance relationships after all is not for a faint of hear. Am I hooked not really, but trying to hang on.  I’ll deffo miss Darwin in TSOU #RIPDarwin.


To be continued 🎬


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