I lost my previous post and here’s an attempt to put it together (testing my surface pro tablet ATM).

I looked forward to Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta’s (CharDawn) next teleserye as soon as Walang Hanggang ended. I followed Walang Hanggang closely – and it was a joy to cheer for them. Sadly, CharDawn’s Marian and Gabriel did not leave up to the hype. It also also hard to compete against your previous success.

CC walang hanggan.PNG
Walang Hanggan wedding photo.

There was just so much room to explore with Emilia Guidotti’s character. Watching Walang Hanggan came with the thrill of watching CharDawn along with the audience discovering (and rediscovering) one another. Andaming SOCO videos and throwback interviews ng CD shippers.

But I digress, this is a YMH review not a CharDawn then and now post.

Things I noticed and liked about the last stretch of YMH. I must confess that I skipped a lot of episodes in the series despite legit access to them.

Grace & Christian & Gabriel & Marian (fanart/meme)


++ GraceTian: I was surprised that they killed off Christian’s character for “world peace”. Kudos for taking that route, nothing against Christian but I respect the twist (and it worked). They honoured him enough (cause of death rather cliché though).

++ The garden wedding cannot compete with the live Finala of On the Wings of Love and it was clearly not designed for that audience and hoopla. The venue was more than appropriate – perfect choice for renewal of vows & for Garbiel and Marianne an may apo ng nga sa teleseryeng ito.

++ Lolo Mayor (Ton Ton Gutierrez) officiating it – aliw! Christian would have been happy to witness it.

++ Fitting ending, good run despite the late night time slot.

++ Hindi ko na naman maiwasang mapa-tanong.Bakit nagkaganun ang series finale ng Pangako Sa’yo? Labo lang talaga – my mom explains that the series in general is nowhere near the grandeur of the original Pangako Sa’yo. The original PSY was well loved and it was THE teleserye of its time. PSY 2015, #lame. Pero it fared well sa ratings. Kaya nga curious lang, bakit tinipid ang ending. Huwag na nating ikumpara sa OTWOL. Kahit sa YMHTheFinale na lang. Grabe, picnic sa empty lot?


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