[Random Thoughts] PilipinasDebates2016 


I’ll leave the analysis as to who won and scored the least in the 2nd presidential debate to political anaylysts (i.e. and by that I mean all Pinoy voters with legit social media accounts). 
 I just have to blog about TV5′ head of news and her “role” in what she called a serious miscommunication in her desire to ensure that all candidates participate in the debate. Over & beyond the 1.5 hour delay ipinakita ng side isyung ito ang kaninaan at naging pagkukulang ng ilang mga kinauukulang dapat ay naghanda ng na puspusan. 

It was also rather lame to hide on the assumption that “she was not made aware of the prohibition in bringing notes” to the debate propers. My quick (and barely representative) sample tweets as posted seem to emphasize with her #prayforluchi gani. So ayun, #prayforluchi trended last night, I dunno and can’t tell for how long (skipping Twitter analytics) – but hey it trended (“,) 

Panalo rin ang memes. Gaya ng ilang nahagip ko: 


This one is clergy sympathetic to her me #JusticeforLuchi pa silang nalalaman: 


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