[Review] Story of Us

Random Jottings: Blogging somebody else’s thoughts onMacoy & Tin’s rooftop love scene 

I looked forward to that scene. As a viewer, I think the love scene signify KimXi’s intention to depart from “light teleserye” romcom feels. I was not able to watch in on real time thanks to Tivo – the episode was saved and all set.

By the time I had time to watch it, na-ikwento na sa akin ng isang kakilala ang reaction ‘nya sa love scene nina Macoy & Tin tin. Given na may limits ang primetime tv at nakatutok ang MTRCB. Sa tingin ‘nya the production team could have done more – hindi ‘yung tipong idinaan sa ilaw (or lack of it). Given na hindi pa kami nakaka-move on sa OTWOL, pero that Lake Tahoe episode #OTWOLLoveatlast pushed the boundaries of teleserye love scenes (ay MOMOL lang pala).

Para po bang, ano ba naman ‘yun.

  • Rooftop talaga?
  • Haircut scene – deadma na, i’ll let that pass
  • Nag-check in sila sa motel the first time Tin arrived in Manila? Ano ba naman ‘yung sa last night in Manila eh may mot-mot scene pa rin. Mas madaling maggupit ng buhok ‘dun ‘di ba?

The airport goodbye scene sorta made up for the rooftop love scene though. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim have indeed come a long way after their first teleserye together

Tweets from they who liked the love scene and #TSOUAmerica episode in general…


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