[REVIEW] #DolceAmorePuso ++

Enrique Gil’s character is falling for Liza Soberano’s Serena. Glad to note that the scene captured his dreamy and “too Late but I’m falling for her” look in this frame.   
Time to thread carefully now penpal turned travel buddy. I am more wary of Serena’s character developement (noted to follow).

Dreamy eyes plus that smile PAK! Bravo Enrique Gil, not only is Tenten beginning to switch from “puto” to puso. Quen is also inhabiting Tenten’s character more and more. 


Bohol “seasonal gathering” 


Is there really such a thing? Why sing “Usahay” for a pre-planting season gathering? That I can forgive afterall I totally appreciate how the musical score thru “Usahay” helped usher in Tenten’s emerging feelings for Serena ❤️. Pasok sa banga! 

Am i over #OTWOLHangover? Not yet and maybe never but I still miss it. But i am glad that I am at the page where I can watch another and appreciate it for what it is (and what it can be). 


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