[Review] The Story of Us

I’ll hold off my personal TellyJunkie review until I get past my #OTWOLHangover. Seriously there is such a thing! And it goes beyond missing CLeah on TV – it was the fact that for once a teleserye was good enough to engage us (the audience – offline and online) in so soooo many levels.

El Nido wins, I would dare say at the risk of preempting the shoot in New York. Will El Nido even trump NYC? 

So far 👍🏽👍🏽  Kudos to: 
(1) Macoy’s fab tan (totally not buying that fact that a high school kid can be that bulky) – lanky yes but bulky at 15 or 16

(2) Glad to see the tweener Xiajian Jaranilla – may his transition from child actor to teen actor smoothly

(3) The beautifully executed underwater scenes of Tin tin and Macoy

(4) Tin-tin’s younger brother, Darwin!

(5) Tin tin! not as tanned as Macoy but deffo not yellowish (no racial slur intended) at all.



Exhibit A to the fact that Macoy and Tintin are not pabebe:




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