[REVIEW] Dolce Amore

Week 3 (if I am not mistaken)

and guess what, ABS CBN News’ Lynda Jumilla is still wathcing (and cryin’).

What about the rest? Are we still wathcin’?  Holding off my thoughts until after my #OTWOLHangover. Yes, seriously there is such a thing?

Thing much I have to say at this point though. I am torn between loving the Italian accent of Gian Carlo vs officially saying that I can’t stand Tenten’s speech defect. I am not there yet and I hope not get there. Will the defect grow on the audience ears? The diehard fans will probably not have an issue about it – but for casual viewers – i dunno.

Gian Carlo’s italian accent might just save the day – kudo’s to Serena and her mom (Cherrie Gil) for not keeping up with the Italians. 







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