The Week That Was: Dolce Amore


Dolce Amore

Week 2

Ten-ten (Enrique Gil) and Serena (Liza Soberano) without knowing that they used to write each other as kids have met. The encounter as expected did not go smoothly.  Driven by the assumption that “working freelance” will allow him to earn enough for his father’s hospitalization. He was working on the assumption that Serena picked him up (booking in urban parlance now) to spend the night with him for a fee.

If it weren’t a teleserye, Ten ten would still be in jail. But not only has he been “forgiven” thanks in part to his mother’s (Rio Locsin) plea and to Serena’s considerate heart.

For more of the week that was, here’s a link to the synopsis of Friday’s episode.

So far we have:

  • From stranger to driver twist
  • Serena started wondering if this failed “working boy”is  the same boy she used to exchange letters with
  • Family business is still in trouble
  • Serena’s bestfriend (Giancarlo) deeply cares of her and if the attempt to convince the Italian businessman in Ph fails – the partnerhsip with Giancarlo’s family might just be the only option

So far so good then? To be honest I was way too focused on looking forward to OTWOL’s series Finale. I watched mostly by following tweets about Dolce Amore and intentionally gathering feedback  from my mom and friends who once watched Forevermore.

The viewers are giving this show a chance. No noteworthy issues raised against the plot nor the characters thus far (it’s just too early for that). Nice to note however that Liza Soberano’s performance has been praised and noticed on twitter:

Vice Ganda also found himself admiring Liza’s performance recently ba saying that:



Seriously is she really 18? Please take this a complement LizQuens – with the proper make up, wardrobe, and material this actor can transition from 13 to 30, 18 to 28!  LizQuen have previously received encouraging reviews, an example of which is a review on their acting chops in the Movie, Everyday I Love You from PEP:

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.49.29 PM

Follow this review/link Everyday I Love You.

What now? Are good reviews enough for the TellyJunkie in me to stay.  Say let me give it one or two weeks by then I’d know if I will end uop watching this less or more. Bravo Dolce Amore, Bravissimo!











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