[Review] Tweet Digest “Dolce Amore”


A quick twitter search shows that the most RT’ed tweet affirms that #DolceAmoreSweetBeginning – the pilot episode of Dolce Amore delivered. Touching first episode sabi ng ng isang batikang journalist, at marami rin ang pumuri sa mga kuha at eksena sa Italia.

LizQuen fans worked double time to make sure that the hashtag for the pilot trends, and it did. Yay! Tweet pa more LizQuens.

On lighter note, viewers noticed the strong resemblance of Serena’s dad to Harry Potter (Daniele Radcliffe). Kaya muggles, beware!



I am glad to see Andrew E. on TV (and he’s not rapping for a change).

Strong start for a pilot episode, congratulations, I can imagine that following the subtitles can be a challenge for many. Siguro naman the amusing exchange in Italian hindi man maintindihan can still keep the viewers interest.  By week 2 afterall, nasa ‘Pinas na si Serana, less of the subtitles and more Tagalog exchanges coming up.

Va bene, strong start Dolce Amore, glad Kapamilyas watched, questions is will they keep on watching? #Abangan!


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