The Problem with Simon

Is that he can’t, KENNAT even properly wear a beanie. It doesn’t fit him.

how NOT to wear a beanie

I’ve said my piece on how and where this “2nd male lead” falters. My – previous post -pretty much covered my concerns.

Tatang Sol and Tita Jack unpack what went wrong between Clark and Leah. To emphasis the point further the episode #OTWOLBeginAgain – had Tita Jack explaning it yet again by talking some sense to Clark.

Nice try and worth it.

Haters at this point are gonna hate. And fact it, some perhaps even way past finale – will ever be able to “forgive Leah”. Kaya nga after the Valentine “non-date” cum proposal sa ArtMart Dubai the reactions were like…

She’s not even turning down Simon – pa-fall nga ba ang peg ‘nya at pa-victim naman ‘yung isa?!!  

Leah: Si Simon ay aking, supervisor, Mentor, Adviser at shoulder to cry on.

Perceived by some (audience impact wise) – Predator!!!! Grrrr! 


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