[Spoiler Alert] OTWOL Finale & Leah’s Diary

Spoiler Alert


I still cannot get over the Tambakol, yes the grilled fish that served to be the bearer of good news. Anak ni Amor si Yna, salamat sa Ynamorata chain.ย  Now that Clark and Leah are both living separately lives I can’t help but think of riddic scenarios that will lead to happily ever after.

True to form Simon says mag-move on ka Leah, isulat mo sa Diary ang mgan nararamdaman mo kay Clark #OTWOLBeginAgain. The professional employee that she is followed suit. Kaya masama na po talaga ang kutob ko sa diary na ito.

Kudo’s because it helped surfaced Leah’s POV. Well done, gaya ng dati OTWOL is a game changing teleserye that way. Deadma na muna sa spoken work ni Rico, let us let Leah do the talking (with matching malat factor pa, #JaDine concert here we come??!). But what if the diary gets more screentime (tadah)!

Riddic Scenario 1


Riddic Scenario 2

Riddic Scenario 3

Huwag naman po sana…





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