What if si Miggy Montenegro ang Boss ni Leah?

Leah Miggy

Let’s pretend na may Netflix or HBO at duon magtatapos ang “kilig-seryeng” On The Wings Of Love. In that alternative station, character development and casting choices are not profit (and ratings) driven. JaDine as a brand remains with a little more creative freedom and license at dito sa mundong ito, ganap na ganap ang mga ganintong scenario:

Walang SIMON whatever his last name is, enter frame MIGGY MONTENEGRO

Fine as written and as conceptualized may “mentoring” role si Simon kay Leah. Unfortunately and not in defense of they who have been “hating” on Leah and Simon, left on the hands of a barely there performer – he registers as mainly manipulative.

With all due respect to the fans and handlers of Paulo Avelino here (I’m sure mabait siyang tao, mapagmahal na anak at may abs) pero naman from Sana Bukas pa Ang Kahapon to Bridges of Love… paki-basa na lang po ulit ang constructive criticisms ni G. Nestor Torre ng Inquirer.
Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon

Eto pa po iyong isa:

Bridges of Love

Kalurks, despite working with actors who take their craft seriously – dude, pare, ‘tol – hilaw pa rin eh. Mahirap po ilusot ang under-acting lalo na kung in the first place hirap sa aktingan ang artista. Haist!

And this is where the huge gap comes in. A gap so glaring, at the expense of Leah – who at this point of the narrative in need of much support. Kung si Miggy Montenegro na lang sana ang nagging CD ng ArtMart. Kahit na may condo scenes pa iyan, pahalik sa birthday, markbook at golden watch, wall climbing at kung anu ano pa – Leah will not be oh so awfully (and in a way unfairly) misunderstood the way she is now. Kung si Miggy Montenegro sana ang CD eh baka pati audience talagang torn between two “lovers” na rin.

Fine, masyado na sigurong ambisyosa na mahiram ang isang Miggy Montenegro for a supporting role – but in an alternate universe/TV station,  achieve an achived ‘yun! In an alternative station where budget is a non-issue and the network star system does not dictate casting choices – Simon as written and conceptualized was unwittingly (being diplomatic here) entrusted in the hands of a barely qualified performer. A more sensitive and nuanced take on him could have provided a more effective (and much needed support for Leah). A Simon who would have been perceived by the viewers as a mentor and validly so.  Strong support, and worthy of tangentially being an alpha male who’ll contribute to Clark’s maturity (and in part heartache).





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