Dear Clark


Lampshade for sale! Somebody please auction this off over OLX or @phospheneph


Dear Clarky,

Well written, albeit oddly paced (OTWOL  dragged far too long between the extension). Imagine halos real time levels ang simbang gabi!! 

Bumawi naman kagabi!!  Last night’s Episode #OTWOLFrustration – got you into your most heated argument with Leah to date.  

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 As written,  magiging mayamang basehan ang mga eksena kahapon at bukas ng SHE said/HE said debates – ngayon at for years to come. #BravoOTWOL. 

Makakatulong kung ipaalala sa aming mga manunuod that your OTWOL”s premiere episode was very clear – POV ni Leah – nagsimula ang kwento. Naintindihan naman namin siya – the creative team behind OTWOL and even Nadine  even posted a blog post that was supposed to help contextualize Lemon and its value for purposes of pushing the narrative forward.

Wala na rin tayong magagawa sa ilang mga mas konserbatibo na abot langit na ang galit kay Leah. Me comments tuloy na ang dating, its like Leah’s character is beyond redemption na. I’ve seen worse, meron pang “mana kase sa nanay niya eh.” Tough! Ang hirap namang maging Leah.  Eh sa may mga pangarap siya para sa sarili ‘nya at pamilya Olivar niya.

CLeah Dreaming.jpg

Besides, ikaw man, Clarky, ay nangarap ng gising…

We get your girl, soap junkies like me are supposed to be cheering for her. BUT NO!!!  

How come we feel your pain more?

Is it because:

  • You look like James Reid (hey let’s make it the last option)
  • James Reid surprisingly CAN in fact act – he’s the promising actor in the equation
  • Note: shout out to Nadine’s comedic timing to follow

As currently perceived and hotly debated, Clark seems to have loved Leah more. Maaring malinaw na magkarelasyon sina Clark at Leah.  One however took the marriage vow more seriously (Clarky you are a fictional character that way ❣😘) than the other. 

In the case of your soon to be ex-fiancee (?) who maintained her NO MOMOL policy – para kaseng you were merely  her future hubby. Didn’t she introduce you to Simon that way?  In Fairness to her walang bahid ng paglalandi ha, it was her version of the truth.   Paano ba ‘yan Clarky boy, hindi ‘ata kayo nag-level off ni Wifey eh 😢😶

The engagement and her wicked job are also forcing you to face your own demons. This much needed separation might just be a good time for you to slay your own childhood issues. You both have abandonment (and trust issues), no thanks to primary caregivers who abandoned/rejected you. Mas shaky nga lamang iyong sa iyo lalo na after your mother’s death. Naka-ilang lipat ka nga ng foster homes? 

At this point baka nga tamang hindi matuloy ang kasal…

Baka nga tama ring magkahiwalay kayo, tindi mo rin naman kase ma-inlove dude,

hook, line, and sinker. Koya, needy ka (the fact that you shuttled from one foster home to the other factors in).  😢😳


Kung mahal ka niya, iiwan ka ba niya?  – why not try looking at it from a different perspective, kung mahal mo siya, magpaparaya ka.


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